Eliška Kyselková is a Czech fashion photographer and videographer currently based in London. Her style markedly and uniquely transcends the boundaries of classic fashion photography and passes into forms of the artistic expression. Her work was exhibited in New York, Paris, London, Helsinki or Sevastopol and has been published in various magazines and publications such as Vogue Italia, Pylot, Infringe, Pigeons&Peacocks and also online in Vogue Germany, i-D, Dazed&Confused and Wonderland. 
Eliška mainly works with the theme of consumption, the ideals of beauty and human imperfections often connected with humour and irony. In her fashion work, she presents models as strong fearless women. Furthermore we can see her influence in religion, very clearly, within her projects balancing between fashion and fine art. She creatively materialises her visions, starting with the sketches and planning before the actual photo-shoot. More than a digital camera, Eliška extensively uses analogue cameras such as large format camera Sinar and medium format Bronica. 


solo exhibitons (selection):

  3/2017 Pop-up Gallery of Czech Fashion Council, Prague CZ

  2/2017 Umami, Brno CZ

  9/2014 FotoGrafic Gallery, Prague CZ

  6/2013 Polagraph Gallery, Prague CZ

  4/2013 Shooting Fashion Stars 13' - Dvorak Sec Contemporary - FIM Gallery, Prague CZ

  6/2012 Caffé Fratelli Fashion Brno, cooperation with TONI&GUY, CZ

  2/2011 Libušina's Gallery, Malhostovice CZ

  9/2009 Studio Lávka, Brno CZ


group exhibitons (selection): 

10/2015 Adidas | teniskology - installation - Prague, CZ

10/2015 Fenomen F - Bory Mall, Bratislava, SK  

  6/2015 Existence dissolved in concept - Festival Pohoda - Bratislava, SK

  5/2015 Menu 2 - Galery Vakuum - Ljubljana, Slovenia

  2/2015 MA15 exhibition - Victoria House Basement - London, UK

10/2014 FASHION*ART*NATURE mix&match exhibition - Aalto University - Helsinki, Finland

  5/2014 Unique Board Gathering - Lightbox - New York, USA

10/2013 Frameless Gallery - Czeggs exhibition - London, UK

  9/2013 Prague Fashion Week - video Tension and photographs as the finalist of Elle Fashion Photography Award, CZ

  8/2013 The Story of the Creative - See | Exhibition Space - New York, USA

11/2012 Off Festival Bratislava - Beauty and Bizarre exhibition - Pisztoryho Palace, Bratislava, SK

  8/2012 PX3 - Prix de la Photographie Paris - Espace Dupon Paris, FR

  8/2012 Photo festival Sevastopol - fashion photography, curator: Andrii Konontsev, Ukraine

  4/2012 Artbanka Museum of Young Art in Prague, project New inspiration / New Vision from Leica Gallery Prague, curator: Míla Dubská, CZ

  4/2010 Exhibition Hall Mánes - Prague Photo 2010 - ,,Shadows”, CZ




Hasselblad Masters Finalist

IPA - International Photography Award - Honorable Mention



Hyères Festival - selected for second round



Diversity Now! competition by i-D magazine and All Walks beyond the Catwalk - overall winner with the stylist Dara Udom

IPA - International Photography Award - Two honorable mentions in Professional Fine art categories

Adidas - Teniskology exhibition - part of the 8 creative talents from the Czech Republic

Prix de la Photographie Paris PX3 - People's Choice Award - Third Price

Prix de la Photographie Paris PX3 - Two honorable mentions



Diversity Now! competition by i-D magazine and All Walks beyond the Catwalk - overall winner and winner of the Photography&styling category with the stylist Ginvera S.Menon

Unique Board Award winner and featured artist

Prix de la Photographie Paris PX3 - 2 Gold prizes - categories: Press - People/personality category and Portraiture / personality for Circo Medrano series

Prix de la Photographie Paris PX3 - Silver prize - category: Fine Art / People for Scopophilia series

Prix de la Photographie Paris PX3 - Silver prize (Press / Fashion category) and Bronze prize (Advertising / Fashion category)

IPA International Photography Awards - Honorable Mention, series: Circo Medrano, category: People / Portrait

IPA International Photography Awards - Honorable Mention, series: Sinner, category: Advertising / Fashion



Honorable Mention - London International Creative Competition 2013

Finalist of Elle Fashion Photography Award ( cooperation with Prague Fashion Week 2013)



Prix de la Photographie Paris PX3 - Third Price - category: Advertising/Fashion - Professional

Prix de la Photographie Paris PX3 - First Price - category: Press /Fashion - Non-Professional

10 Best Czech photographers - Google Photography Award



Grand Prix Bayer award - Biodiversity

1st place Canon VVV - Portrait category

semifinals Basic Instinct



1st place Olympus FotoAkademie 2009 - Czech Student Photo


talks / workshops:

11/2017 Workshop Body&Space at Royal College of Art - in collaboration with Räthelwolf

10/2017 talk at University of the Arts

 5/2017 workshop Encounters, London

 3/2017 onwards - lecturer at London Institute of Photography

 3/2017 talk at London Institue of Photography

11/2016 workshop Large Format Photography at University of the Arts - London College of Fashion

11/2016 talk at University of the Arts | Photography Symposium 2016

11/2016 Workshop Encounters (2days), Czech Republic  

  6/2016 Pecha Kucha Night Zelezny Brod

  5/2016 Talk at the photography festival FotoSkoda fest

10/2015 talk at University of the Arts | Photography Symposium 2015

  5/2015 lecturer at Future London Academy - Fashion Photography Experience


2012-2016 Jury in the competition Fotograf GML



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