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”Encounters” is a fashion portrait project shot on large and medium format film by Eliška Kyselkova. ”Encounters” connects the painting, fashion and photography together. Emerging illustrator Alina Zamanova was invited to paint her artwork on models to create an unique look of each model. The project therefore revives the illustration and painting via the models expressions and movements. The hairstylist Michael Moon developed Alina’s painting also inside the hair to complete the look. The styling was selected to show London emerging designers and brands and the stylist Anya Oderyakova connected the original pieces with each individual character.


Photography: Eliška Kyselková

Styling: Anya Oderyakova

Face and Body Creations: Alina Zamanova

Makeup: Andrea Chiu

Hair: Michael Moon

Photography Assistants: Yi Ann Chen,

Alise Katrina Jane

Styling Assistants: Quentin Hubert, Jenn Ross

Models: Stefanie Lange @mrs robinson

Maxine Anastasia

Lucy Cates

Giordano Fabriano

Lucy Feng

Emily Smith

Veronique et Charlotte

Photographed in Cre8studio