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negatives 6x6, c-print


Words by Bridie Riley (from PYLOT magazine, the Craft issue):

In her latest project, Czech photographer, Eliska Kyselkova brings us a deliciously tantalising selection of images from one of her most recent collections of works, Scopophilia.

The term scopophilia derives from the Greek for 'love of looking'. It is more commonly associated with the sexual pleasure of looking at others naked. Beneath the work's extraordinarily oily and polished surface, it engages with complex concepts, ranging from the complexity of the viewers 'gaze' to the treatement of the male form.

At first glance the viewer is lead to believe the images are a construction, models from clay perhaps. On closer inspection the subjects reveal themselves as living beings. Their arrangement undulating between the sexually charged male body and the inert existence of each singular fruit. Kyselkova has cleverly crafted the series to appeal to both the male and female gaze. They offer the viewer a window of opportunity, an uninterrupted view of the sexualised male bodies, appealing to voyeuristic tendencies.