02. 09. 2015 - Czech National Theatre

The photograph from the series Vanitas | Homage to Monica Cook as the presentation for the Andrea Chénier

11. 08. 2015 - Inferno published in HUF magazine

Project Inferno published in HUF magazine #41

26. 07. 2015 - Trinket tales in Schön! magazine

Series Trinket tales published online in Schön! magazine

Photographer Eliška Kyselková dives into the murky depths of the rabbit hole in this Schön! online editorial. Styling by Camille Marchand resurrects the Alice myth, in a tempting swirl of Saint Laurent, MAWI and Isabelle Marrant, enhanced with art by Charlott.


08. 07. 2015 - Existence dissolved in concept exhibition


9 - 11 July 2015 / Pohoda festival /

Kiva, Šymon Kliman, Mia Kohlerová, Dušan Kochol, Milan Krištůfek, Eliška Kyselková, Daniel Laurinc, Bára Prášilová, Jiří Thýn

The project presents a selection of authors, having exhibited at the photographic festival OFF_festival Bratislava during its 5 years history. A conceptual approach to the topic of human and reality of life, realized by specific analytic views, unites all artists. The aim of this exhibition is to offer a viewer an image of diversity in author’s elaboration of a common theme, transforming the state of being into an artistic concept. At the same time, it is an overview of the most current trends of the new progressive generation working with the photographic medium.

13. 06. 2015 - PX3

The project Sinner received the 3rd prize in the Prix de la Photographie Paris PX3 2014 | People's Choice Award